About Us

The Comeaux Family

How did this legacy begin? If it’s true that opposites attract, it’s also true that they make for great business partners; and so began the story of Bob & Billie Comeaux. In 1974 they were married, and with that, a well balanced blend of Price and Design was created. “We went to High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina for our honeymoon and it’s been furniture ever since” , laughs Billie. Bob has always been about price… Billie has always been about design… the combination of the two, accompanied by the Glory of God, initiated the beginning to their success in the furniture industry.

Both Bob and Billie consider themselves blessed with individual talents. However, they do not take credit for their success in this business. “Looking back, we see the way God kept his hand in our business and watched over our family. His guidance led us through this wonderful journey”., stated Billie. After the Original Comeaux’s Appliance Center and Furniture Mart closed in the early 1990s, what seemed like a major setback, became one of their greatest blessings: A Third Generation, Family Owned and Operated Furniture Store, American Factory Direct Furniture.

“Bob’s dad was known as the Discount King in the 50’s. Three Generations later, we have been blessed in four different areas that compliment each other well. ‘Without change, there is no progress’. I appreciate what balance David Comeaux COO and Grace Comeaux Piro CFO have brought to our family business.”
- Billie Comeaux (Corporate Designer)